Who is Pencil Joy?

Pencil Joy expresses in its art those emotions for which you can't find the right words.  As such, Pencil Joy is committed to creating fresh and innovative art, unconstrained by current trends.  

Pencil Joy is led by Scottish artist Joy Nevada, whose commissions include illustration for Historical Royal Palaces of the U.K., and Kevin Yea, an entrepreneur from Washington DC. 

As a global brand, Pencil Joy's products are designed in Glasgow, Scotland and manufactured in the USA, England, and Scotland. 

Creative team behind Pencil Joy: 

Joy Nevada
Co-Creator & Creative Director

Joy Nevada is the artistic force behind Pencil Joy.  Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, Joy has done illustration work for Kensington Palace, Kew Palace, and Hillsborough Castle of the Historic Royal Palaces of the United Kingdom and for other clients worldwide.  Her work has been featured on Buzzfeed, Marie Claire and the L.A. Times.  Joy’s lifelong dream has been to create her own storybooks.  In 2016, she authored and illustrated Pencil Joy’s first book, A Special Invitation.  Joy’s creativity and artistic styles are uniquely her own, and they’re known to generate feelings of warmth, fun, nostalgia, and…joy.

Prior to her varied career in art illustration, Joy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Theater Design and a Master of Design. When not drawing or writing, Joy can be found cheering on tennis star and fellow countryman Andy Murray, playing with her nephews and nieces, or traveling the world.  Joy has traveled to far-flung places such as Cuba, Laos, and Malta, but her heart will always be in the shores of Islay, the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.

Kevin Yea

Kevin, along with Joy Nevada, developed the idea for Pencil Joy as a way to inspire people to share beautiful moments through art.  In that regard, he is always striving to develop innovative techniques to fulfill that vision.  Kevin oversees the business strategy, operations, marketing, and finance of Pencil Joy.  In 2016, Kevin co-created with Joy Nevada A Special Invitation, a unique personalized children’s book.  

Prior to founding Pencil Joy, Kevin was Chief Financial Officer of an investment management firm in Washington, DC.  He has experience investing in and working with high-growth and startup companies.  

When not pestering his co-founder with his artistic and not-so-artistic ideas, Kevin can be found playing tourist.  His recent travel destinations include Patagonia, Cambodia, Kenya, and Ukraine.  He lives in Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.